Making A Good Writing


Writing may sound simple and easy, but to make a good one has become a question of many to ask. There are many things come to consideration when you write and sometimes it discourages you from writing or maybe ended up not satisfying for the reader. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will understand how to make a good and satisfying writing.

How to make a good writing

  • Simplify your idea

Many people just pour their ideas into their writing and ended up writing a spoken language. That way the reader may get confused and lose the main idea of your writing. Try to keep it simple in one sentence, then you can add more information in another one.

Making a Good Writing

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  • Punctuation

Punctuation is often underestimated, especially by young learners. Punctuation holds power in your writing. It is the one that gives expression in your writing. So, use it correctly all the time.

  • Tenses

For young learners, maybe the first thing that pop up in their mind by hearing tenses are names of formula from their English teacher at school. But using tenses is actually not as sophisticated as those names. Using tenses is important because it easily tells the timeline of your writing, are you writing a narrative story, a suggestion, prediction, or simply a fact. And that is why you need to understand the tenses.

Making a Good Writing

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  • Stop using ‘well’ to start your writing

‘Well’ is an expression that usually used at the beginning of your sentence while you are talking to someone else directly to show that you are thinking. It is unimportant and often annoying to be put on your writing. Just write down your idea straight away instead of starting it with ‘well’.

Practice to get better! 

Those are the things that can make your writing satisfying and understandable for the reader and practice more so your writing can get better.

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