Strategies to Learn Vocabulary Easily

Strategies to Learn Vocabulary Easily

Vocabulary is the primary factor for those who want to be proficient at English. It is extremely necessary, as to deliver the idea people require to make a sentence with the various vocabulary used. The more words you know, the more you will be able to understand what you hear and read. Also, when you enrich the knowledge of your vocabularies, you will be able to say what you want to when speaking or writing.

Meanwhile, sometimes learners struggle in learning those words. That is because some of English words are idiomatic, the spelling and pronunciation often have no connection so it can confuse them, or hearing new words they haven’t heard before. However, don’t worry! There are many tips for the learners to be familiar and be used to applying the lexis, so here are the following tips that you could implement.

Strategies to Learn Vocabulary Easily

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  • Get them all

This technique requires you to bring any dictionary to have the meaning of the word which you find. When you get any vocabulary, make a list and find the meaning of those words. Besides, make a sentence and revisit the source, and move on to the related text or video for repetition. Keep going until you are familiar and remember around 70 until 80 % of them.

  • Flashcarding

For those who are more excellent at visual clues this technique might be more effective. You can either make sets combining an image with a word in the target language, or just write the words in source and target language. While you’re using flashcards and looking at the front side of it, you will think of an answer and engage a mental faculty known as an active recall. Since flashcards can easily show repetition, they are the best way in creating multiple memory-enhancing recall events.

  • Work in a Context

Enriching vocabulary by connecting into a particular topic may allow the learners to remember the vocabulary easily. A classic memory technique would be to connect every word with a strong image. Don’t forget to understand the category of the new word and identify its relationship with other words in a sentence. In this way, you will remember new words longer, learn common phrases, and also learn vocabularies in an active way. 

Strategies to Learn Vocabulary Easily

Source: Freepik

  • Stickies Everywhere

Sticky notes are very useful to remind us about something. Here is also working to help us improve our vocabulary by writing down the vocabulary in it and then put it in the strategic places, or write little messages in the target language. After a week of “Guten Abend, Gute Nacht” on your mirror, it might just sink in.

  • Study Linguistics 

Many words are made up of parts of other words. Becoming familiar with the prefixes and suffixes, word roots and common sources of target language words allows us to understand more regarding how the word is formed. So people will be more aware and it will make them easy to remember the meaning of the words, also it could bring them  to remember easily. For example, many European languages are Latin-based and their words change through little add-ons. James at EngVid has a great way of explaining the concept through “Vocabulary Pyramids“. The results can be staggering: one simple root can change in 10 ways, yet you only have to learn half of a new word.

One thing that is important for you, is to keep learning and never stop. Why? Because consistency is also undoubtedly the most strong practice in learning English. You have to make those vocabularies that you learn to be a part of your everyday life! Through perseverance, you will be able to learn lots of vocabularies through the whole context.

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