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Why should you choose Conversation Class?

SUN English Conversation class offers students a variety of activities involving the production of English: speaking and writing, ranging from pre-intermediate to advanced levels. We will guide you to achieve higher level of English competence. If you already have the basics in grammar and vocabulary, this course is for you.

Why SUN English?

  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional teachers with reliable academic credibility
  • Complete facilities
  • Practise listening more attentively
  • Improve your fluency with fun teaching methods

Program Details


The conversation course has been designed so that you can practise and improve your speaking skills with your classmates. We aim to help you be comfortable whilst speaking when you are out with other English speakers, in social situations and when you are chatting to the general public as well. We will encourage you to try your English in a variety of situations so that you can progress more quickly. Also, this is to prepare yourself as new International students when you study abroad.

Type of classPrivateSemi-Private
Number of students2pax> 2pax
Duration30 hours30 hours
Total Meetings10 sessions*10 sessions*
ScheduleWeekdays or Weekend*Weekdays or Weekend*
RequirementGeneral English Placement TestGeneral English Placement Test

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Need More Information?

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