TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) atau yang diterjemahkan sebagai salah satu tes kecakapan bahasa Inggris yang terdiri dari dua  jenis yakni TOEFL ITP dan TOEFL iBT. TOEFL ITP merupakan salah satu bagian tes yang hanya mengukur kemampuan berbahasa Inggris dari segi Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, dan Reading Comprehension dalam bentuk tes tertulis sedangkan TOEFL iBT mengukur keterampilan Reading, Listening, Speaking, dan Writing dalam bentuk internet-based test dengan menggunakan perangkat komputer. Di kesempatan ini kita akan membahas contoh soal listening dalam TOEFL iBT.

Ada beberapa jenis contoh listening TOEFL iBT yang akan coba diperkenalkan kepada kita semua sehingga dapat dipelajari dengan baik. Ada tiga jenis pertanyaan mendasar pada contoh soal listening TOEFL iBT yakni soal pilihan ganda dengan satu jawaban benar (Multiple Choice with One Correct Answer), soal pilihan ganda dengan dua atau lebih pilihan jawaban yang benar (Multiple Choice with Two or More Correct Answers), dan soal listening yang disusun dalam bentuk tabel/ bagan (Chart) dan bentuk dialog atau monolog akan menjadi ciri khas penyajian informasi dalam listening TOEFL iBT.

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh soal Multiple Choice with One Correct Answer yang dapat diamati seperti dibawah ini:

Multiple Choice with One Correct Answer

Main Topic Question

What is the main topic of the lecture?

A. How the solar system formed

B. Competing theories about the formation of rocks

C. The stratification of the Earth’s interior

D. How gravity helped heat the Earth

Main Purpose Question

What does the speaker mainly discuss?

A. The turn of the century

B. Ragtime in America

C. Band concerts in America and Europe

D. Early American musical forms

Factual Question

According to the professor, what is true of subliminal perception?

A. It is used on unsuspecting people with great frequency.

B. It is based on the fact that people are aware of a lot more than they realize.

C. It could be used to make people do something they would consider unethical.

D. It has been given special attention because of the uses it could be put to.

Negative Factual Question

Which of the following did the professor NOT mention when speaking about brainwashing?

A. Drugging

B. Starvation

C. Intimidation

D. Sleep deprivation

Inference Question

What can be inferred about the students?

A. They disagree with the professor’s statement about political strife.

B. They have opposing views about the validity of the Declaration of Independence.

C. They do not agree on the premise that the pursuit of happiness is a good thing.

D. They believe that development, progress, and materialism meet the political goal.

Purpose Question

Why does the speaker mention aspirin bottles?

A. To demonstrate the continuing process of invention

B. To illustrate failures

C. To show how can cause side effect

D. To show that you cannot satisfy everybody all the time

Method Question

How does the speaker close the talk?

A. By opening the floor to questions

B. By suggesting a break

C. By giving some hints

D. By involving the audience

Attitude Question

What does the professor say about specific phobias?

A. Their object is usually safe.

B. Their object is often dangerous.

C. They become worse with age.

D. They usually start in childhood.

Multiple Choice with More Than One Answer.

According to the professor, what should the students avoid in writing his questionnaire?

Choose 2 Answers

A. Thinking about the statements critically

B. Helping the subjects answers the questions

C. Alienating his subjects with statements that may be offensive

D. Including statements for which he knows the probable response

Reply Question

What does the clerk suggest when she says this?

(Heard again): Clerk: No matter what I do, the pile of paper gets any smaller anyway. I think it’s weird.

A. It is not his fault that her paperwork never gets done.

B. She is annoyed that the student is interrupting her work.

C. The student has not come at an especially worse time.

D. She never tries to tackle the work she must do.

Ordering Question

How is the lecture organized?

A. The professor writes a definition on the board and then breaks it down in four parts.

B. The professor presents information after the students have talked in depth about it.

C. The professor provides a brief overview and then discusses two species in detail.

D. The professor follows the order of the unit in the students’ textbook.

Complete The Chart Question

In the discussion, various facts about the tundra are mentioned. Indicate whether each of the following describes tundra vegetation.

Check the correct box for each statement.

Itulah beberapa cara belajar mengenali beberapa contoh soal listening TOEFL iBT . Kalian dapat mengambil atau mengikuti les untuk mengetahui lebih jauh mengenai contoh soal listening TOEFL iBT, dan untuk memperkaya pengetahuan kalian TOEFL iBT Listening terlebih khusus! Kalian bisa mengambil kursus Bahasa Inggris dengan program apa aja di SUN English untuk bisa memperdalam pengetahuan kalian TOEFL dan contoh soal listening beserta penjelasannya yang akurat. Langsung hubungi WA hotline di 081211868283.

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