Penggunaan so that dan such that dalam Kalimat Bahasa Inggris

Menggunakan tata bahasa atau grammar yang tepat dalam berbahasa Inggris tentu saja bukan hanya karena kita harus mengikuti aturan atau hanya karena kita ingin terlihat lebih pintar di depan orang lain. Kita bisa menganggap grammar di Bahasa Inggris seperti game yang sering kita mainkan di hape. Kita ikut aturannya, dan kita akan dapatkan poin. Menguasai tata bahasa Inggris juga bisa membantu kita supaya mudah dipahami, dan lawan bicara kita tidak bingung.

Kali ini, English grammar yang akan kita pelajari bersama adalah tentang contoh kalimat so that dan such that dalam kalimat bahasa inggris. Yang sama di antara kata “so” dan “such” adalah dua-duanya digunakan sebagai adverb, atau kata keterangan, maupun modifiers yang umumnya digunakan untuk menunjukkan degree ataupun level of intensity. Kedua kata tersebut bisa digunakan untuk memberikan informasi tambahan tentang subjek atau situasi yang sedang dibahas.


“Such” adalah determiner, sedangkan “so” adalah adverb. Dua kata tersebut punya arti yang sama seperti “very” atau “to this degree”.

  • Those are such good cakes.
  • Those cakes are so good.

Kita harus menggunakan such + noun phrase dan so + adjective atau adverb phrase.

  • She is such a great cook.
    SALAH: She is so great cook.
  • That was so unpleasant. (so + adjective)
    SALAH: That was such unpleasant.
  • Why do you drive so fast? (so + adverb)
    SALAH: Why do  you drive such fast?

“So” juga bisa digunakan di depan much, many, little, dan few untuk menambahkan penekanan, tapi “such” tidak bisa.

  • So much food was wasted every day.

SALAH: Such much food was wasted every day.

  • In those days there were so few doctors in our area.

SALAH: In those days there were such few doctors in our area.

Kesalahan yang sering terjadi

Kita harus menggunakan “such”, bukan “so”, sebelum noun, bahkan jika ada adjective sebelum noun tersebut.

  • They’re such snobs! They won’t speak to anyone else in the village.

SALAH: They’re so snobs! They won’t speak to anyone else in the village.

  • Those are such cool shoes. Where did you get them?

SALAH: Those are so cool shoes. Where did you get them?

Kita juga harus menggunakan “such”, bukannya “so”, sebelum noun phrase yang menggunakan indefinite article ‘a/an’.

  • This is such a wonderful kitchen!

SALAH: This is a so wonderful kitchen!

Kita menggunakan “so”, dan bukan “such”, sebelum kata sifat atau adjective.

  • Thank you. You’re so kind.

SALAH: You’re such kind.

Kita harus menggunakan “so”, dan bukan “such”, sebelum kata keterangan atau adverb.

  • She always dresses so elegantly.

SALAH: She always dresses such elegantly.

Untuk menggunakan so that … atau such that …, kalian harus mengikuti formula atau pola yang benar.

such + noun phrase + that

so + adjective + that


Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris yang Menggunakan so that

Penggunaan so … that … adalah untuk menjelaskan sebab-akibat. Pada contoh berikut ini, so diikuti dengan adjective, kemudian dijelaskan akibatnya.

  1. The movie was so suspenseful that it kept me on the edge of my seat.
  2. The performance was so amazing that everyone was blown away.
  3. The view from the top of the mountain was so breathtaking that it took my breath away.
  4. The music was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.
  5. The weather was so hot that I couldn’t focus on anything else.
  6. He is so intelligent that he was able to solve the puzzle easily.
  7. She is so beautiful that everyone is attracted to her.
  8. The trip was so exciting that we didn’t want it to end.
  9. The test was so difficult that most students struggled to finish it.
  10. The cake was so delicious that everyone asked for the recipe.
  11. The movie was so funny that I was laughing from start to finish.
  12. The car was so expensive that I couldn’t afford it.
  13. The teacher was so strict that everyone was afraid to talk in class.
  14. The food was so delicious that we couldn’t resist eating more.
  15. He was so angry that he could barely speak.
  16. She was so tired that she could hardly keep her eyes open.
  17. The price was so high that he couldn’t afford it.
  18. The book was so interesting that I couldn’t put it down.
  19. The traffic was so bad that it took me two hours to get to work.
  20. The music was so loud that we couldn’t hear each other talk.
  21. The book was so interesting that I finished it in one sitting.
  22. The sunset was so beautiful that it took my breath away.
  23. The exercise was so intense that I was sore for days afterwards.
  24. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at night.
  25. They were so hungry that they ate everything on their plate.

Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris yang Menggunakan such that

Sama halnya dengan penggunaan so … that …, penggunaan such … that … juga untuk mengekspresikan sebab-akibat. Pada contoh berikut ini, such diikuti dengan noun phrase, kemudian disebutkan akibatnya.

  1. He is such a bad-tempered person that no one can work with him for long.
  2. It was such a long and difficult exam that I was completely exhausted at the end.
  3. She made such a delicious meal that everyone was impressed.
  4. He had such a terrible headache that he couldn’t focus.
  5. The movie was such a success that it broke box office records.
  6. The team had such a strong bond that they were practically unbeatable.
  7. They had such a successful business that they were able to retire early.
  8. The book was such a thrill ride that I couldn’t put it down.
  9. He saw such a beautiful view that it took his breath away.
  10. She had such a unique perspective on life that nobody could match her.
  11. The team worked together so well that they won the championship.
  12. The food was prepared so perfectly that it was a culinary masterpiece.
  13. Her performance was so moving that the audience cheered for an encore.
  14. He has such a good memory that he can remember everything he reads.
  15. They have such a big house that they can accommodate many guests.
  16. She has such beautiful eyes that everyone compliments her on them.
  17. The cake is such a delicious dessert that everyone wants a slice.
  18. That country has such a rich history that people come from all over the world to visit.
  19. The hotel was such a luxurious place that it had a five star rating.
  20. This restaurant is such a popular place that it’s always packed.

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